At the Inner Health Center we feel privileged to assist and support our clients on their journey to greater health and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your friends.  Thank you for your kind words and your referrals.

Deenie is great. She makes you feel comfortable, and there are a lot of great ways to detox at her health center! She is funny and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
~ Anne R. – Los Angeles, CA

PERSONALITY! Deenie and her staff are warm and fun…everyone is hard working and professional. It’s like the Cheers of self care!! As a trainer and nutritionist, I am very knowledgeable about the body, cleansing, detoxing, etc.and I am thrilled to be able to share fantastic conversation while I’m taking care of myself with Deenie’s Inner Health assistance! Deenie is straightforward….no malarkey. If you are new to detoxing or assured services are safe, clean, filtered, effective, sanitary, and you are in good GENTLE hands. Parking is on the street or in the parking lot in the back, ((but you need to get a code to get in.)) It’s important to support the folks that help us enhance our lives in this city! Ask her to sing…she’s pretty damn good. 🙂
~ Michele T. – Calabasas, CA

Post my cancer treatment, a friend, who was a breast cancer survivor too, told me to ensure that I received a colonic treatment. She said it made the difference in restoring herself to wellness. Cancer treatment will often times create gastro-intestinal (GI) problems. I was blessed to meet Dr. Deenie 9 years ago. She restored my GI to normalcy. She has many years of experience in this field of inner health. Most importantly she has a gentle touch with everyone. I knew I was in the right place when I first arrived to her office because my girlfriend from work was there too. Because of her, I am grateful to God for sending her my way. It will be 10 years in 2013 that I was diagnosed and completed treatment. Dr. Deenie changed the quality of my life and those who I refer to her forever.
~ Evy A. – Northridge, CA


Review is for colonic: Before Colonic: I was nervous, tense, doing google searches on pros and cons about colonics (which are always a sign I am getting crazy about something). I was recommended by one of my clients and has been going to Deenie for 10 years I think. As soon as I meet Deenie I felt at ease. Her office is clean, like OCD clean, which somehow made me and my colon relax a little bit more. During Colonic: Her session is like a 2 for 1 deal, you learn a lot about your body (think colon counseling), and you get cleaned out! You lie there and you really don’t feel much. I thought it would be painful, intrusive or uncomfortable, it wasn’t any of these things. It was a very nice experience and I am pretty much a wuss. She was very gentle, did some massage on my feet, massaged my stomach and put me at ease with some great conversation. Didn’t feel awkward at all. After Colonic: I just made appointments for 10, so I will update when I am done. I left and went about my day as normal. Left with a lot of information I am going to integrate into my lifestyle to keep my body healthier. The most immediate changes I noticed were I felt energized, light and more clear headed. Looking forward to seeing how I feel after 10.
~ Nicole M. – Studio City, CA

LOVE! And when she moved and I followed! That’s how good she is among the rest of the staff. She’s not this uptight, I think I know everything; she’s friendly, down to earth, no BS. I was recommended by a co-worker of mine and I’ve continued to go since for 2+ years now. I yet to get other things done here, but I love the ear candling, and boy do I need it at least every 6 months. Trust me, you will be surprised of all the stuff that you have in there! I want to do more like the colonics, which I hear nothing but good things! The place is right at the corner of Tampa, you can see it if you walk to the cross walk. Parking is on the street or in the parking lot in the back, but you need to get a code to get in. So please come and see her, you won’t be sorry!
~ Michelle O. – Los Angeles, CA

I really love going here to get my colonics and ear candling. I`ve been to other places but I feel most at home at Deenies center. I also like Maresa. Both of them are really kind and caring. Deenie knows a lot about everything and I have a lot of trust in her to do my colonics and to give good advice on anything health related. 🙂

~ Tammy H. – Los Angeles, CA

It is a MUST GO TO place!! I’ve had the Ionic foot bath, ear candling, sauna, lymph drainage and you leave feeling “clean from the inside.” Excellent service.
~ Carmen O. – Los Angeles, CA

Deenie is the absolute best at colon hydrotherapy! I have gone to her several times for my colonics and it has always been a pleasant experience. She makes you feel at ease and there is absolutely no pain during the session. The Ionic Foot Bath is also great too!
~ Nooshi B. – Santa Clarita, CA


I’ve been going to Deenie for a few years now. She is a complete sweetheart and extremely professional. I highly recommend this place, especially if it’s your first colonic and you are nervous. Deenie will make you feel at ease 🙂
~ Niki A. – Los Angeles, CA

I am a longtime client and absolutely trust Deenie, her expertise and professionalism is immediately evident. After my first course of treatment, I not only felt so much healthier but was able to totally discontinue my allergy medications – I was truly amazed and grateful as I like to do things as naturally as possible. Plus although I’ve always eaten pretty healthily, it was her knowledge and advice about food combining that completely changed the way I eat and further enhanced the way I felt. I highly recommend Deenie, she is indeed THE expert.
~ Anne R. – Studio City, CA

I saw this place on that Kardashian show, so I decided to try it out and no joke lost like 7 lbs after 2 times. Pretty legit, I recommend it for weight loss, I don’t know about all the health benefits the lady was trying to tell me about but it for sure helps with weight.
~ Jason B. – Tarzana, CA


I absolutely love this place, I’ve gotten colonics all over LA and even done weekend retreats and no one comes more recommended/experienced then Dr. Deenie the owner of the health center. Every time I come off a cleanse, start a new diet, or just trying to get off that extra weight I go to her not only. She is the gentlest I’ve ever have, she really knows her stuff and answers every question I can possibly think of. If it’s your first time I recommend her over anyone, that place will change your life!
~ Chelsea L. – Tarzana, CA