HBOT – a Revolutionary Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Method

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a revolutionary method of anti-aging rejuvenation that Regenerates Every Single Cell in Your Body. Stimulating Restorative Genetic Expression & Igniting Metabolism via inhalation of 100% Pure Oxygen in an Ultramodern Upright Total Body Hyperbaric Chamber, this cutting-edge holistic healing technique alleviates ALL Ailments by Speeding Recovery from ALL Wounds & Injuries

Generating an Invigorated/Sharpened Mind & Robust Powerful Strength that yields Increased Flexibility, Dynamic Agility, Crystal-Clear Vision & Beautiful Skin—all while Heightening Senses of Wondrous Tranquility as therapy sessions progress.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Defined

HBOT unleashes the revitalizing power of 100% Pure Oxygen, which is pressurized 1.5-to-3X greater than normally found in our environment’s atmosphere—then safely administered in an airtight chamber to maximize absorption.

Most easily understood with respect to how SCUBA divers suffering from decompression sickness (aka “the bends”) use HBOT to restore blood flow by relaxing blood vessels and stimulating nerve function—all of which rapidly deteriorate when molecules of nitrogen breathed in through air tanks build up to dangerous levels in bodily tissues…

Then expand too quickly as they resurface/return to normal atmospheric pressure—triggering inflammatory reactions that cascade out-of-control, causing everything from joint pain to permanent organ damage in the process.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Works

Oxygen is the body’s primary fuel… You can live without food a while, several days without water, but only a few minutes without oxygen…

Molecules of oxygen bind to red blood cells as we inhale, which the heart pumps/circulates to every single one of our trillions of cells, wherein they’re oxidized/metabolized by mitochondria—the Powerhouses of Our Cells—converting food into Power that Drives the Entire Body.

Requiring ample amounts of oxygen as well as rich sources of high-quality nutrition to regenerate, damaged cells failing to heal properly accumulate as we age, becoming permanent wounds/continuous sources of inflammation—all of which lay the foundation for all forms of infectious, traumatic, neurological and chronic degenerative disease to rob your body of its youth and vitality.

HBOT also Stimulates Restorative Genetic Expression, rapidly healing ALL Wounds & Injuries by activating oxygen sensitive genes responsible for growth and repair while simultaneously deactivating genes responsible for inflammation—thus Regenerating Every Single Cell in Your Body with incredibly effective precision as treatment sessions progress.

HBOT at the Inner Health Center

Inner Health Center utilizes an Ultramodern Upright Total Body Hyperbaric Chamber to deliver 100% Pure Oxygen in a wonderfully exhilarating environment. Featuring an innovative external base that allows it to be mounted perpendicularly, our Grand Dive Vertical Chamber easily seats two (2) adults in a relaxed position and can even accommodate several small children—increasing the overall comfort level of your holistic healing experience while reducing its total cost.

Summit to Sea – the Grand Dive Vertical Chamber 

Summit to Sea is an American company that was created to help families and individuals achieve their health goals in an economically innovative way. Located in Minnesota and regarded as one of the Top Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturers in the World, their cutting-edge chambers are ingeniously designed and made of superior quality—yet are affordable as well as easy to use.

The Grand Dive Vertical Chamber Features:

  • Ultramodern Upright Design that allows you to sit during therapy sessions instead of having to lay down, which many find claustrophobic.
  • Highly Translucent Material that creates a Relaxed Cozy Environment.
  • Full 40 Inches of Roomy Diameter that can Easily Fit a Small Comfortable Chair.
  • Double-Sided Full-Length Zippers for Easy Entry & Exit, which can be operated from inside or outside the chamber.
  • Two Viewing Windows offering Serene Illumination.
  • Antibacterial Carpet for Hygienic Comfort.
  • Highly-Efficient Electric Air Pumps with Patented Sound Suppression & In-Line Air Filtration, providing a Wondrous Holistic Healing Experience that’s Safe & Effective. 

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Inside our Cozy Hyperbaric Chamber you breathe 100% Pure Oxygen, which is sharply contrasted by the roughly 21% found in our atmosphere—and increasing mixed/polluted with greenhouse gases and environmental toxins.

Stimulating Restorative Genetic Expression while Igniting Your Metabolism, our 50-minute holistic healing sessions rapidly flood your entire body with revitalizing oxygen-rich blood, Supercharging Your Circulatory System so vigorously that the combined rejuvenate effects of which Speed Recovery from ALL Wounds & Injuries.

Delivering the body’s primary fuel in such pristine powerful quantities, all damaged blood vessels stop swelling, thwarting the very biological reason cells become deprived of oxygen in the first place—thus setting the stage at the molecular level for your entire body to regenerate with incredibly efficient precision as therapy sessions progress.

HBOT’s Benefits Include:

  • Dramatically Increases Oxygen Concentration in ALL Bodily Tissues.
  • Stimulates Restorative Genetic Expression while Igniting Metabolism.
  • Supercharges Your Circulatory System—which consists of the heart, blood vessels, blood and lymph, as well as the lymphatic vessels and glands—whose primary function is to deliver blood and lymph to every single cell in your body.
  • Speeds Recovery from ALL Wounds & Injuries by Eliminating Swelling & Inflammation.
  • Strengthens the Immune System by Reinforcing White Blood Cells, which attack foreign invaders to protect the body against infectious disease.
  • Generates Incredible Mental Clarity & Robust Powerful Strength.
  • Creates Dynamic Athletic Performance by Increasing Stamina, Flexibility & Agility.
  • Stimulates New Collagen Formation, creating beautiful new skin cells while Reinforcing ALL Connective Tissue.
  • Sharpens Vision by Delivering 100% Pure Oxygen to Your Retinas, which require massive amounts of revitalizing oxygen-rich blood to function optimally.
  • Activates Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, which is a type of epithelium composed of smooth thin cells that line the heart, blood vessels and lymphatic system.
  • Amplifies Detoxification by Rapidly Eliminating Metabolic Waste Products.

Diseases, Acute/Chronic Injuries, Illnesses & Ailments HBOT Alleviates

Given that virtually every conceivable unhealthy condition occurs and/or lingers at the cellular level, HBOT is remarkably effective at alleviating a vast array of maladies and disorders.

Renowned for generating astonishing outcomes in incredibly short time spans, this cutting-edge holistic healing technique creates its most astonishing results when treating victims of stroke and cerebral palsy, as well as other traumatic brain injuries caused by aneurysm, hemorrhage, embolism and/or ischemia—all of which cut off oxygen supply to the brain.


HBOT also Alleviates:

All Forms of Traumatic Brain Injury Anemia
Arterial Gas Embolism Autism
Brain Abscess Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Cerebral Palsy Compartment Syndrome
Compromised Skin Grafts & Skin Flaps Crush Injury
Decompression Sickness (aka “the bends”) Diabetic Wounds
Gas Gangrene Intracranial Abscess
Lyme Disease Migraines
Multiple Sclerosis Near Drowning
Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection Osteoradionecrosis
Plastic Surgery Radiation Tissue Damage
Refractory Osteomyelitis Sports Injuries
Stroke Sudden Deafness
Sudden/Painless Vision Loss Thermal Burns

Schedule Your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session Now

Call (818) 881-8400 to Schedule Your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session Now or send an e-mail to Deenie Leon RobbinsOwner & Director of the Inner Health Center—to get more information about this cutting-edge holistic healing technique.

50-Minute HBOT Sessions are regularly $150—however during this month only please enjoy our Special 50-Minute $120 Sessions

And you can even Purchase 10 Sessions in Advance for $950, saving an incredible amount on your Wondrous Holistic Healing Experience.



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Summit to Sea’s “Grand Dive Vertical Chamber”—an ultramodern upright total body hyperbaric chamber at Director Deenie Leon Robbins’ Inner Health Center, which is located in Southern California and serves the Greater Los Angeles area.