Traditionally, the only way to cleanse the liver was through diet, apples and oil cleanses or acupuncture. But the RF Cleanse provides a more thorough detox of the organ through the use of high-frequency waves. In a process known as diathermy, these short waves are passed through the body’s tissue. As they pass through the body, they are converted into heat. And that heat is able to penetrate deep into the liver. Heating the liver has two benefits: it breaks down deep-rooted toxins that are clogging liver cells, and it stimulates the liver to ramp up its performance so that those pollutants can be packaged and moved quickly and efficiently out of the liver and into other systems for disposal.

What To Expect?

After applying coconut oil onto your stomach, your technician will move a radio frequency-emitting metal plate over the section of your abdomen that is directly above your liver. The plate will be warm, though it won’t be uncomfortable. The whole process will take 30 minutes. For an even deeper detox, book the Ultimate Cleanse, which combines an RF treatment with a colonic. Receiving the RF treatment prior to your colonic will help the colonic be more effective.

Is It Dangerous?

Absolutely not. Many common devices and machines, including cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi-enabled equipment, and baby monitors, emit radio frequency waves in order to operate. Additionally, radio frequency machines are frequently used to treat and cure many different health ailments in both conventional and alternative medicine.​


Though safe, the RF Cleanse is not recommended for people with certain conditions. Heart problems, pregnancy, and any severe colon issues.

Why its important to cleanse the liver?

Cleansing the liver of toxins is an important component of any detox program. The Radio Frequency Cleanse uses radio frequency waves to break down toxic elements in the liver. It also stimulates the organ to quickly flush these pollutants for removal from the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic system.​

Think of the liver as the human body’s garbage man/washing machine/border control. Located in the upper right side of the abdominal cavity just across from the stomach, the roughly 3-pound organ is in charge of most of the body’s detox functions. It produces bile, which aids in the digestion of food and the breakdown of fat. Liver cells act like a sieve by filtering the blood, removing toxic elements including drugs, alcohol, pesticides, and other chemicals ingested with our food. The cells then convert the dangerous toxins into less harmful forms, or package them for easy removal from the body through our bile or urine. In addition to all of its detox functions, the liver is also responsible for breaking down nutrients (the good stuff) from our food so that they can be distributed through the body

Our overall health is directly related to the health of the liver. Just like in a car’s engine, over time a “dirty” liver leads to sluggish performance. Cells become clogged. Then toxins build-up can outpace the liver’s ability to cleanse. As a result, pollutants are allowed to enter our bodies, making us more susceptible to inflammation and diseases such as cancer. Cleansing the liver on a semi-regular basis hits the organ’s reset button, and is essential for its optimal performance.

Other Benefits of a liver cleanse…

While ridding the liver of toxic build-up is very valuable, cleansing the organ doesn’t just benefit the liver. In fact, research shows that increasing the health of your liver will alleviate pressure on the digestive tract and immune system. Since the liver will be effectively producing bile again, the digestive system won’t have to work as hard to break down food. Additionally, with the liver better processing and packaging pollutants for easy removal, the immune system won’t have to fight as hard to stave off inflammation and diseases that result from increased toxins in the body. Cleansing the liver also helps regulate blood sugar levels and body fat, and will increase the amount of nutrients entering the body.​

As a result of your liver cleanse, you might feel less discomfort in your stomach and colon, your allergies might be alleviated, you might notice fewer aches and pains, you might sleep better, your metabolism might increase, and you might feel an overall boost in energy and a greater sense of well-being

Series of 10 – 30-minute Radio Frequency Treatments     $500
Series of 6 – 30-minute Radio Frequency Treatments       $315
Series of 4 – 30-minute Radio Frequency Treatments       $220
1 Single 30-minute Radio Frequency Treatment                 $60


Combine an RF Liver Cleanse with a Colonic for the Ultimate Cleanse.​

The RF Cleanse uses high-frequency waves to breakdown deep-seated toxins in the liver, and stimulates the organ to package and dispose of them primarily through bile. Adding Colon Hydrotherapy to the RF Cleanse provides a deeper detox by quickly flushing the toxin-filled bile from the body as well as the Colon, the body’s main sewer line or trash can. We recommend doing a minimum of 3 sessions within 12 days.​

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