Rife Bio Frequency

What does Rife do?

Rife technology was created in the 1930’s based on the fact that on a cellular level we all vibrate on a frequency. The Rife machine is a method of delivering the frequency the body needs to provide a destructive environment for the microorganisms (pathogens) to exist. When found, the frequency will then resonate with the pathogen to immobilize or devitalize the parasitic microorganisms and disease-causing organisms. Frequency devices are used to detox the body and also support the body in its repair process. Some other great things frequency technology does is; regulates the immune system, drastically reduces pain, harmonizes the body, repairs tissue, speeds up post-surgery recovery, and boosts the healing of fractured bones. Many use it during meditation or contemplation because of its calming effect on hyperactivity and high stress loads. The effects of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology) on a cellular level are numerous, and include promoting detoxification, enhancing nerve repair, improving circulation, plus easing both depression and insomnia. Ultimately, the immune system becomes healthier, the nervous system relaxes, and bones and joints become stronger.

  • Supports the body without adverse effects.
  • Speeds recovery time from injury, illness and surgery.
  • Reduces stress & promotes good sleep.
  • Reduces pain & inflammation.
  • Devitalizes harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites & fungi.
  • Aids the body’s systems when fighting major illness.


Thousands of independent studies have used PEMF or (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field” technology to research the treatment of a multitude of conditions and ailments using different frequencies. PEMF technology has been available for decades but only entered public knowledge around the mid-nineties.

1979 – Healing of non-union fractures (EBI Bone-healing System)

1998 – Urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation

2004 – Cervical Fusion patients at high risk of non-fusion (Cervical Stim)

2006 – Treatment of depression and anxiety

2011 – Brain Tumor (Novocure’s Optune)

The companies that sell and manufacture PEMF devices as “general wellness products” are not permitted to make medical claims of effectiveness in treating disease.


2 Hour Session       $125

1 Hour Session       $70

½ Hour Session      $45

(Rife Session Packages)

2 Hour Sessions 2x weekly     $225

1 Hour Session 2x weekly       $125

Hour Session 2x weekly for 4 weeks     $450