Ear Candling

Ear Candling, also known as Ear Coning is a natural and relaxing method in which an ear cone Fabric lightly dipped on the outer part in a light bees wax is used to remove built-up wax in the ear area. Unlike drops which can be ineffective, ear candling has a gentle effect which draws out all wax build up. Itchy, ringing, vertigo, sinus infections, and hard of hearing are all symptoms of wax build up in the ear canal. This method has been known to help if not rid patients of these conditions.

Ear wax is produced by glands in the outer ear canal to protect the eardrum. Excessive wax, however, can obstruct the ear canal and cause blockage and if not cleared, inflammation can occur causing hearing loss in some cases sight and sinus problems. Ear Candling Clients  have been known to notice immediate results. Good for all ages. Very effective and relaxing.

Series of 10 Ear Candling Sessions       $620

Series of 6 Ear Candling Sessions         $390

Series of 3 Ear Candling Sessions         $200

1 Single Ear Candling Session               $70


Ear Candling