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The Optimize Naturally Plan by Cell WellBeing – a Dynamic DIY Biohacking Strategy that Unleashes Your True Genetic Potential  

By Doctor Deenie…

Inner Health Center (IHC) gives you the power to Streamline Your Entire Health Routine with a Personalized Optimize Wellness Report that’s Incredibly Easy to Follow & Increasingly Cost-Effective to Implement­—the synergistic combination of which transforms Aspiring Health Enthusiasts & Amateur Biohackers into Self-Taught Epigeneticists whose ceaselessly strengthening abilities let them Achieve Virtually ANY LEVEL of Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Enlightenment They Desire

Then ultimately unite to turn you into a SuperAger, which is The Best Anti-Aging Method & the Only Truly Natural Way to Attain Genuine Self-Actualization.

Utilizing Revolutionary German Technology to analyze genetic biomarkers that determine which specific macro and micronutrients you’re currently deficient in—while simultaneously examining the detrimental effects our polluted environment and toxic modern-day lifestyle have inflicted upon your body—Cell WellBeing’s Optimize Naturally Plan Tells You EXACTLY where to focus your health/wellness budget so you can Create a Truly Sustainable Diet & Exercise Regimen that Naturally Continues Refining Itself

All of which is fueled by your Enduring Pursuit of an Enlightened Relationship with Food that’s reinforced by Invigorating Nutritional Supplements and Gets Easier & Easier to Maintain whilst igniting such a Blazing Motivational Fire of Extraordinary Mental Clarity & Relentless Perseverance throughout every Wondrous Aspect of this Miraculous Transformative Process that generating a Vibrant Energetic Existence accelerates just as fast as your Newfound Passion for Living can handle.

Biohacking Epigenetics – the Most Powerful Form of Preventative Holistic Healthcare

Biohackers employ Cutting-Edge Technological Gadgetry & Intuitive Mobile Apps to track and analyze All Nutrients Consumed & Energy Expended throughout the routine course of their daily 21st century existence. Known collectively as the Quantified Self, this insightful physical data establishes the biochemical framework from which this thriving community strives to Achieve Total Mastery of Their Own Biology.

Easily accomplished via bio-“hacking” of one’s prevailing physiological expression, this remarkable yet readily attainable goal rapidly Creates the Finest Genetic Version of Yourself through Continuous Refinement of Your Overall Diet, Exercise & Lifestyle Regimen.

Driven by instinctual survival needs and burning reproductive desires, this Affordable Holistic Healing Form of Do-it-Yourself Biology generates an intense combination of Fearless Strength & Razor-Sharp Intellect that Revitalizes Your Entire Being with Astonishingly Efficient Precision

All of which is guided by a Steadfast Devotion to Perpetual Self-Experimentation whose Accumulated Wisdom & Harnessed Power starts Unleashing Your True Genetic Potential.

The Benefits of Biohacking Produce:

  • An Intense Desire to Enhance Your Mental Acuity & Overall Athletic Ability.
  • A Rejuvenated Immune System that Shields You from ALL Forms of Sickness—making acquiring acute and/or chronic degenerative disease virtually impossible.
  • Revitalizing Sleep that Restores Your Natural Circadian Rhythm by Increasing Melatonin Productionwhich Thwarts the ENTIRE Aging Process while Combating ALL Forms of Sickness & Disease.
  • A Courageous Fire of Genuine Confidence that gives you the Mental, Physical & Emotional Fortitude to Persevere through ALL Forms of Stress.
  • A Beautiful Reconnection with Nature that Triggers Your Innate Need to Breathe Fresh Air & Drink Naturally Alkalizing Spring Water while Basking in Revitalizing Sunlight.
  • Intensely Passionate Relationships with Lovers & More Meaningful Bonds with Family & Friends—as well as a More Instinctual Connection to the Planet as a whole.
  • A Much Deeper Appreciation of Stimulating, Relaxing & Enlightening Music—all forms of which Improve Your Overall Mood & Outlook by Strengthening Brain Waves.
  • Escalating Levels of Dopamine­—the Neurotransmitter that Strengthens Physical Movement, Emotions, Cognition & Creativity while Regulating Pleasure & Pain.
  • Escalating Levels of Serotonin­—the Neurotransmitter that Heals Wounds, Maintains Bone Health, Alleviates Depression, Reduces Anxiety & Assists Digestion.
  • Rapidly Declining Cravings for Refined White Sugar, Processed Food, Pesticide-Laden Produce, Genetically Modified Organisms & Simple Carbohydrates.

All of which ceaselessly strengthen/build upon one another to yield the elusive Flow State—wherein you feel and perform at a much higher level than you ever have before.

This thriving state of phenomenal consciousness generates such remarkably sustainable productivity gains in your professional career that your personal life starts radiating with a fiery intensity which energizes every dynamic aspect of your increasingly attractive existence.

The Miraculous Realm of Epigenetics – Unlocking the True Power of Your Genes

Eternal pursuit of this wondrous level of astonishing performance eventually propels you into the Miraculous Realm of Epigenetics, which is an extraordinary field that studies how nutrition, lifestyle and environment change the expression of your genes—regardless of how old you are.

Once understood and thoroughly experienced, then relentlessly refined to the preternatural point of Mastering Your Own Biology, this Vibrant Biohacking Epigenetic Lifestyle triggers the most powerful versions of your genes to express themselves with every last bit of incredible perfection that your DNA is capable of creating…

Thereby Unleashing Your True Genetic Potential­­, which is The Most Cost-Effective Method of Preventive Holistic Healthcare­—and the Only Natural Way to Ensure Survival of Your Bloodline by passing on the most superior forms of your genes to future generations.

SuperAging Self-Actualization – the Modern-Day Fountain of Youth

Ultimately the goal of every Self-Taught Epigeneticist is to become a SuperAger—and thus start SuperAging, which is personified by an elite subset of the biohacking community by those for whom achieving Total Mastery of Their Own Biology is only the beginning.

Desiring to remain so mentally sharp and physically fit every single phenomenal day of their incredibly intense lives, SuperAgers actually welcome ALL of life’s challenges—which they even enjoy and seemingly thrive on while tackling head-on.

Embodied by a relentless capacity for increasingly difficult forms of intellectual stimulation and sustainable vigorous exercise, SuperAgers are constantly pushing the limits of their mind and body by consistently gaining new skills while simultaneously refining existing talents—all in hopes of Achieving Every Single One of Their Dreams & Aspirations

Motivated by growth in every facet of their Incredibly Enlightened Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Lives, SuperAging accelerates just as fast as a SuperAger’s Newfound Passion for Living Can Handle—and is the Only Truly Natural Way to Attain Genuine Self-Actualization

which Humanistic Psychology’s Abraham Maslow defined as the innate need we all possess that drives us to realize our fullest potential in every aspect of our life.

The Primary Neurological & Physical Benefits of SuperAging Are Triggered by:

  • Supercharged Production of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor—the brain growth hormone that generates Neurogenesis & Neuroplasticity by creating new neurons.
  • Supercharged Production of von Economo Neurons, which Rapidly Process Information During Social Interactions & Enhance Memory.
  • Supercharged Musculature resulting from Consistent Vigorous Exercise, which releases electrons that Alleviate Inflammation while Rejuvenating Your Entire Body.
  • New Neural Pathway Creation in Vital Emotional Regions of the Brain which keeps them Thick & Healthy—just like a youthful brain unmarred by the ravages of time.
  • Dramatically Reduced Neurofibrillary Brain Tangles—which are markers of Alzheimer’s disease that strangle healthy neurons and destroy neural pathways.
  • Generation of a Thicker Anterior Cingulate Cortex, which is a region of the brain that Influences Perseverance, Cognitive Control & Conflict Resolution.

Neuroplasticity & Neurogenesis – How SuperAgers Fuel SuperAging

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s astonishing capacity to adapt and grow in response to physiological changes that take place based on environmental stressors—which is a miraculously dynamic process that starts developing in utero and gives us the fortitude to learn from our collective experiences in order to create an effective survival strategy…

Whereas Neurogenesis is defined as the generation of new brain cells—specifically Neurons, which are the nervous system’s structural electrical impulse cells that power your entire body…

and are strengthened by Neuroglia (aka Glial Cells), whose primary supportive function is maintaining homeostasis by forming a neuron’s insulating myelin sheath—thereby protecting these life-sustaining pulses of bioelectric energy while facilitating their phenomenal occurrence with extraordinary speed and efficiency.

These critical neuronal connections require vast arrays of interdependent neurons firing in perfect sequence to run all of your body’s metabolic functions—which includes everything from throwing a ball to recalling fond memories to keeping your heart’s blood-pumping beat going…

And though cutting-edge researchers are just beginning to grasp the magnitude of this intricately complex neurological system, Aspiring Health Enthusiasts & Amateur Biohackers can rapidly hack it with a Personalized Optimize Wellness Report from Cell WellBeing­—which is Incredibly Easy to Understand & Increasingly Affordable to Adapt to Any Modern-Day Lifestyle. 

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor – a Truly Natural Anti-Aging Hormone  

Hacking Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is easily accomplished while Spending the Least Amount of Money & Expending Only the Most Minimal Effort—both of which are economically essential in order to SuperAge as quickly/intensely and thoroughly as possible.

Creating the perfect biochemical milieu to Dramatically Increase Neurogenesis—thus Supercharging Neuroplasticity­—the production of BDNF is most efficiently triggered by:

  • Consuming the Omega-3 Fatty Acid DHA,
  • Vigorously Exercising and
  • Restricting Caloric Intake all while…
  • Fasting Intermittently.

Increasingly dedicated implementation of this incredibly effective strategy floods your brain with BDNF, which of course is virtually impossible to maintain at the beginning of your health journey—but it’s Definitely Just as Biohackable as Every Other Facet of Your Health & Wellness Regimen

So as long as you possess even the slightest bit of drive you’ll totally be able to Jump-Start Your Brain’s BDNF Production by Utilizing Cell WellBeing’s Personalized Optimize Wellness Report—wherein you’ll Learn EXACTLY how to spend your health/wellness dollars so you can Create a Truly Sustainable Diet & Exercise Routine that Naturally Continues Refining Itself

Thereby giving yourself such a Razor-Sharp Intellect that you’ll easily grasp what Renowned Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter means in his book Brain Maker when he writes that:

“… BDNF… is vitally dependent on the balance of bacteria that live within the gut.”

As well as understand all the epigenetic significance of while he explains in eloquent detail how The Microbiome & Its Hundred-Trillion-+ Organisms Regulate Your Entire Metabolism to Abel James during a podcasted interview on the Fat-Burning Man YouTube channel:

“… they’re directly modulating the actual transcription—the activation—of various parts of the human genome. The bacteria in the gut are changing your genetic expression.”

… all the aforementioned biohacking implications of which make BDNF a Truly Natural Anti-Aging Hormone.

Learn More About the Optimize Naturally Plan from Cell WellBeing

Check Out My Cell WellBeing Service Description to learn more about this Ultramodern Holistic Healing Company and how their Cutting-Edge Optimize Naturally Plan gives you the power to create the perfect Biohacking Diet—which generates a stronger microbiome by nurturing a diverse array of beneficial bacteria.

And if you need assistance interpreting your Personalized Optimize Wellness Report, as well as help adapting it to your modern-day lifestyle, My Nutritional Counseling Services &     Invigorating Nutritional Supplements are always available to Reinforce Your Enduring Pursuit of an Enlightened Relationship with Food

Then when you’re ready to Take Your Health & Wellness Routine to the Next Level­, Call (818) 881-8400 or Send Me An E-Mail to Schedule a Colonic—at which you’ll Learn All About the Importance of Getting Regular Colonics, as well as how to keep your body properly hydrated by Drinking Alkaline Water.

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Deenie Leon Robbins

Owner & Director of the Inner Health Center