The Ozone Steam Sauna – an Exhilaratingly Efficient Oxygen Therapy Method

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Inner Health Center’s (IHC) Ozone Steam Sauna is an exhilaratingly efficient method of oxidative therapy that Rejuvenates Your Entire Body.

Regarded as one of the most powerfully effective strategies for Supercharging Metabolism & Reinforcing the Immune System—both of which are achieved by Flooding the Body with Ozone (aka activated oxygen) that Destroys Pathogens while Accelerating Detoxification—this cutting-edge holistic healing technique delivers an astonishing array of physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health/wellness benefits as treatment sessions progress…

All of which unite to create a Miraculous Respite of Revitalizing Relaxation­ activated by You Burning More Calories than an Intense Cardiovascular Workout

Without Having to ­Expend ANY Actual Physical Exertion Whatsoever.

Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy Defined

IHC’s Ultramodern Ozone Steam Sauna produces remarkably beneficial yet intricately complex biochemical/physically restorative reactions in the body that are most easily understood when viewed through the lens of how ozone functions in the atmosphere—wherein it’s a Highly-Reactive Form of Oxygen that Safeguards & Cleanses the Environment.

Generated by ocean waves, waterfalls, sunlight striking fields of snow and especially lightning flashes during thunderstorms—all of which give air that crisp rainfall-having-just-passed freshness—ozone is most widely associated with the protective layer it creates in the stratosphere that shields all life on Earth by absorbing ultraviolet radiation. This destructive energy is so intense that small percentages of it still reach the planet in the form of harmful UVA rays, where overexposure penetrates skin cells causing premature aging, liver spots, melanoma and DNA damage.

Though atmospheric levels are found in only trace amounts, Ozone is an Incredibly Powerful Oxidizing Agent & Free Radical Scavenger. Represented molecularly as O3, it’s composed of two vigorously bonded atoms of oxygen that a third weakly bonded oxygen atom has latched on to—the uniting of which creates that beautiful blue gaseous luminance that colors the sky…

And as stratospheric elevation increases, rising temperatures in the “ionizing radiation” form of Searing Solar Heat generated by Concentrated Photons of Sunlight collide into the ozone layer—knocking scads of single negatively-charged oxygen atoms loose, scattering them across the atmosphere.

Represented as O1, these isolated atoms of oxygen are so highly reactive that they readily bond to positively-charged greenhouse gas molecules and other man-made environmental toxins—oxidizing/breaking them down into their most basic and far less harmful elemental forms.

This purification process dissolves atmospheric contamination so efficiently that when combined with oxygen created by photosynthetic marine and land plants, sustains every living organism on the planet by bathing our earthen troposphere in clean breathable air—represented molecularly as O2, which is oxygen’s most stable colorless form…

That Mother Nature always drifts toward the stratosphere while ceaselessly transforming it into ozone…

Thus it’s this third weakly bonded oxygen atom that Supercharges Ozone, generating the phenomenal ability to Power, Heal & Detoxify Simultaneously—the miraculous combination of which yields such an amazing array of holistic healing benefits…

That when administered in conjunction with Steam Sauna Therapy—which stimulates your skin’s major detoxifying pathways by utilizing therapeutic heat to increase circulation while rapidly opening your pours—makes Ozone One of the Most Powerfully Effective Strategies for Alleviating Virtually Every Ailment Known to the Modern World as treatment sessions progress.

How IHC’s Ozone Steam Sauna Works

Our Ultramodern Ozone Steam Sauna was created by Longevity Resources—the revolutionary designer that provides research institutions, holistic practitioners and dedicated health enthusiasts with the finest quality ozone systems on the market.

Approved by the American Academy of Ozonotherapy and abiding by the International Glass Electrode Mandates for UltraPure Ozone Generators (which stipulates that no metal, plastic, rubber or ceramic parts can touch thus contaminate ozone), their State-of-the-Art Cold Corona Double-Walled Quartz Glass Tubes ensure you get 100% Pure Ozone during your treatment session—a feature no other American manufacturer currently offers. 

Advanced Design, Invigorating Comfort & Revitalizing Relaxation

Longevity Resources’ Ultramodern Ozone Steam Sauna creates a wonderful holistic healing experience. Offering invigorating comfort and revitalizing relaxation, their Cutting-Edge Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet features an innovative array of refined amenities that Rejuvenates Your Entire Body as treatment sessions progress.

Our Ultramodern Ozone Steam Sauna Features:

  • Sleek Hyperthermic Chamber that’s Powerfully Effective yet Safe & Comfortable.
  • Ergonomically-Designed Steam Sauna Cabinet & Reinforced Seat Rail System which Supports & Protects Your Entire Body.
  • Streamlined Ozone Generator that ensures you get 100% Pure Ozone during your treatment session.
  • Exhilaratingly Efficient Vortex Steam Generator that utilizes 4 Strategically-Placed Safe Steam Jets—delivering Maximum Comfort & Reliable Safety by distributing steam and heat evenly throughout the chamber. 
  • Intuitive Temperature Sensor that maintains consistent flows of invigorating steam.
  • Lightweight Double Doors providing easy entering/exiting of our Cutting-Edge Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet—the base of which is conveniently positioned only 1.5 inches above the floor. 

The Benefits of Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy

Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy Supercharges Metabolism, Reinforces the Immune System & Accelerates Detoxification—energizing every single cell in the body while simultaneously Destroying Pathogens with incredible speed and efficiency as treatment sessions progress.

During your 30-Minute Holistic Healing Experience you’ll burn more calories and sweat more profusely than an intense cardiovascular workout, stimulating the circulatory system so fiercely your heart rate skyrockets—generating energetic blood flow that rapidly opens your pours.

This dynamic restorative strategy lets you absorb as much 100% Pure Ozone as possible, which Surges Through Every Dilated Blood Vessel in your body Colliding into Disease-Producing Microorganisms, Inflammation-Inducing Positively-Charged Free Radicals and other Damaging/Molecularly Unstable Substances—knocking scads of single negatively-charged atoms of oxygen loose that readily oxidize these toxins, just like in the atmosphere…

Yielding stable life-sustaining oxygen that binds to rushing red blood cells, which are immediately metabolized by the powerhouses of our cells—the Mitochondria—wherein they’re converted along with other nutrients into Energy that Powers All Metabolic Reactions

Giving you the Revitalizing Strength to Regenerate Every Single Cell in Your Body with Increasingly Effective Precision as treatment sessions progress.

Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy Benefits Include:

  • Supercharges Metabolism, Increases Circulation & Accelerates Detoxification while Elevating Endorphin & Endurance Levels—triggering the exact same Super-Satisfying Natural High generated by intense cardiovascular exercise. 
  • Reinforces the Immune System by Increasing Production of Disease-Fighting White Blood Cells & Foreign Substance-Destroying Antibodies.
  • Purifies Blood & Lymph by Killing Bacteria, Viruses, Yeast, Protozoa, Mold & Fungi.
  • Increases Insulin Sensitivity, Reduces Arterial Plaque, Improves Nutrient Absorption & Restores Acid/Alkaline Balance while Removing Toxic Intestinal & Colon Deposits—all of which are Powerful Anti-Aging Strategies.
  • Utilizes Hyperthermic Conditioning to Strengthen Blood Vessels, which dilate and contract via your body heating and cooling—just like during intense cardiovascular exercise.
  • Creates an Oxygen-Rich Environment that Stimulates Cellular Rejuvenation.
  • Reinforces Collagen & Cartilage Production which Enhances Skin Elasticity while Restoring Lost Vigor—yielding a Radiant Youthful Complexion.
  • Relaxes Muscles while Increasing Flexibility & Agility by Reducing Lactic Acid Buildup.
  • Improves Athletic Range of Motion while Helping Loosen Tight Post-Workout Muscles.
  • Alleviates Pain by Reducing Inflammation which Relieves Tension, Anxiety & Stress.
  • Improves Brain Function while Alleviating Emotional Fatigue—yielding Incredible Mental Clarity. 
  • Induces Deeper More Restful Sleep that Creates a Wondrous Sense of Well-Being.
  • Speeds-up Inner Organ & Endocrine Gland Metabolism by Burning Hundreds of Calories—all while You Expend No Physical Exertion Whatsoever.
  • Normalizes Enzyme & Hormone Production while Disrupting Malignant Tumor Metabolism.
  • Regenerates Damaged Joints & Degenerating Spinal Discs
  • Supports & Improves Kidney Function by Eliminating Toxins via Skin—reducing overall renal workload.
  • Relieves Sinus Congestion & Allergies via steam inhalation which breaks up mucus in the lungs and throat.
  • Alleviates Sunburn Pain by Driving Revitalizing Oxygen-Rich Blood into Your Skin’s Thick Dermal Layer.
  • Excretes Nicotine, Pesticides, Heavy Metals & Harmful Environmental Toxins.
  • Transforms Poisonous Carbon Monoxide (CO) into Essential Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

The True Holistic Healing Power of Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy

Given that the vast majority of all sickness and disease begins at the molecular level with inadequate oxygen supply—which inhibits maximum cellular respiration, thereby hindering your body’s ability to convert nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP, aka The Energy Currency of Life)—Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy’s True Holistic Healing Power is its phenomenal ability to fundamentally reverse increasing amounts of physical damage caused by our toxic modern lifestyle as treatment sessions progress.

In addition to Destroying Every Pathogen Known to Mankind upon Contact, with each passing day it becomes more and more clear that Ozone Therapy is Essential for Maintaining Equilibrium—as well as Grinding the Entire Aging Process to a Halt.

Diseases, Acute/Chronic Injuries & Ailments Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy Alleviates:

Arthritis Auto-Immune Diseases
Bladder Conditions Cardiovascular Disease
Chemical Sensitivity Colitis
Crohn’s Disease Dental Infections
Depression Diabetes
Eczema, Shingles & Psoriasis Fatigued States
Hepatitis Herpes
Interstitial Cystitis Lyme Disease
Macular Degeneration 

Schedule Your Ozone Steam Sauna & Oxygen Chamber Therapy
Session Now

Call (818) 881-8400 to Schedule Your Ozone Steam Sauna & Oxygen Chamber Therapy Session Now or send an e-mail to Deenie Leon RobbinsOwner & Director of the Inner Health Center—to get more information about this cutting-edge holistic healing technique.

Our 30-Minute Ozone Steam Sauna Sessions are Incredibly Quick & Easy—generating the most optimal results when experienced twice a week for four straight weeks.

Single 30-Minute Ozone Steam Sauna Sessions cost $50—but you can Purchase 3 Sessions in Advance for $135, making your Wondrous Holistic Healing Experience even more affordable.


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Longevity Resources’ Ultramodern Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet—a cutting-edge ozone steam sauna at Deenie Leon Robbins’ Inner Health Center, which is located in Southern California and serves the Greater Los Angeles area.